Tumut Rifle Club is a country rifle range with a strong history of providing target rifle shooters the chance to pit their skills in long range rifle shooting.

Tumut Rifle range shooters on the mound

Tumut Rifle range shooters on the mound

Today the club embraces a number of target rifle shooting disciplines, whilst also providing membership of an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO), as recognised by the NSW Game Council, via our affiliation with the Shooters Union of Australia.

With the largest growth in Australian Target Rifle shooting being the advent of FClass shooting, the club has a number of well qualified shooters and coaches to assist members in their chosen discipline.

Please contact us for assistance, we welcome new members.

Target rifle shooting is an extremely challenging and safe sport allowing you to determine your own level of achievement and participation. All ages from minors (age 12-18) upwards are welcome, in fact our eldest shooting member is in their 80’s.

Via our affiliations, selected membership options also provide a genuine reason for adding a Hunting category to your NSW shooting licence. We do not cater for self loading firearms, pistol or shotguns. These require membership of other shooting clubs.

The main aims of Tumut Rifle Club are:

  • to provide a support network for Club members as they enjoy the days sport and recreation;
  • to provide a competitive environment to extend the serious shooter’s ability;
  • to facilitate long range target shooting, and;
  • to take all steps possible to ensure that practice in this sport is conducted in a secure and safe manner.