Joining & Fees

Tumut Rifle Club offers the following membership options:

Membership Type Provides Membership of: Annual Fee Pro-Rata Fees
Tumut Rifle Club NRAA & NSWRA SUA (AHO)
(2014 Fiscal Year) (July-Dec 2014) (Jan-June 2015)
Member Plus  ✔  ✔ $220 $220 $ 111
Pensioner Plus  ✔  ✔ ✔  $210 $210 $ 106
Member $190 $190 $   95
Member U21 $130 $130 $   65
Pensioner  ✔   ✔ $180 $180 $   90
Associate  ✔ $  60 $  60 $   30
Associate U21 $  52 $  52 $   28
Temporary $25 – Covers 3 months. Credited to full NSWRA type membership if taken out
  • Renewals for memberships are due before 31st May each year. Late payment attracts an additional $15 late fee, from the NSW Rifle Association.
  • Approved Hunting Organization (AHO) membership and associate membership public liability insurance is provided with dual membership of the Shooters Union of Australia.
  • E&OE.

Membership provides the holder with membership of the Tumut Rifle Club, as well either the National and NSW Rifle Associations, or the Shooters Union of Australia, as per the above table, in addition to public liability insurance for club related activities.

For those members wanting to compete in target rifle shooting, with officially recognised scores and the ability to compete at other NSWRA affiliated clubs around the country, the option of taking up a ‘Member’ or ‘Member Plus’ is recommended. For those members wanting to instead participate at a local club level and have a recognised reason for holding a NSW Category A/B firearms license for targeting shooting and recreational hunting, whilst also being able to apply to the NSW Game Council for a ‘R’ license, the ‘Associate Member’ option is recommended.

To become a member of the Tumut Rifle Club:

  • Step 1:  Make contact by e-Mail.
  • Step 2:  Training days are held in the rifle clubhouse on various days through the year.
  • Step 3:  Fill out the P650 form. You will need to be of good character and have photo ID. Minors, between 12 and 18 years, need their parent/guardian with photo ID.
  • Step 4:  Attend the range on a club shoot day and fire a stage (12 shots), under supervision.
  • Step 5:  Work out if you enjoyed the experience and want to pursue it further. If so…
  • Step 6:  Attend and shoot, for a few weeks, using loan equipment. We are a looking for active members who attend regularly.  (there is range fee & ammo costs.)
  • Step 7:  Apply for Tumut Rifle Club membership.

The Police and Firearms registry rely on the rifle clubs to check out firearms license applicants. Remember, we are a sporting shooting club looking for good safe, normal happy active regular members.