NSW Firearms Licence

NSW Firearms Licence & Regulations requirements

A Minor’s Permit is required for shooters between the age of over 12 and under 18 years of age.

Minor’s can not be issued a Firearms Licence in NSW but they may be able to shoot with a permit, as outlined in the NSW Police Firearms Registry website (link).

To obtain a Firearms Licence in NSW:

Step 1:
Familarise yourself with the genuine reasons for obtaining a licence, refer to the NSW Police Firearms Register (FAR) site “License and Genuine Reasons”. Study the information, there is a section where you must answer all questions correctly.

Ring the Police Firearms Registry and ask them to send you paperwork for the Safety Awareness Test, and/or additionally familarise yourself with the information inside the safe storage level one fact sheet and the transport of firearms fact sheet, available from the FAR website ‘Safe Storage‘ section.

Step 2:
Email the address on our website contact page or ring, to ask about attending a weekend club shoot, to try out target shooting and see if its for you, before progressing.

Step 3:
Decide whether you are serious about keeping and maintaining the licence. To maintain it you need to maintain your “genuine reason”, so if your genuine reason is target shooting, you will have to maintain membership of a target shooting rifle club. This club provides a genuine reason for having a class A & B licence in NSW.

Note there is a range attendance requirement. When a member does not renew membership, or does not attend the range 4 times in a 12 month period of time, the rifle club is obliged to notify the Police Firearms Registry of this change in status. Loss of licence means loss of your firearms.

Step 4:
Ring and ask the Police Firearms Registry to send you an application form for a Firearms Licence. Fill it out, making sure you tick the boxes for appropriate firearm categories. Alternatively this may be done online by completing the Firearms License Application Form.

Step 5:
Email the address on our website “Contact Us” page or ring, and ask about making an appointment to do the Firearms License Qualification Course. Refer to the License Testing page on this site for additional information.

Step 6:
Attend some additional weekend club shoots and apply for membership of the Tumut Rifle Club. There is a section on this site discussing club membership. Once a member, ask the club Secretary for a letter establishing your active club membership.

Step 7:
Send in the completed NSW Police application form PLUS your Safety Awareness Form and your Tumut Rifle Club membership, as proof of “genuine reason” for having a firearms license letter. Reply takes about 6 – 8 weeks.

Step 8:
When you receive your reply, take it to a Motor Registry to be converted into a plastic card photo ID Firearms Licence. You get an option to apply for 2 or 5 years, with currently a $80 or $200 licensing fee associated, and payable at the NSW Roads and Maritime Services upon issuance of the license.